Designed for the editor Squad Design, It unites multiple basic functions in one object, while being extremely easy to use with no fixtures nor mechanism.

A single piece can be used as a stool or small table simply by flipping the upholstered top upside down, while its basket-like base serves as a storage space for books, magazines or anything that would come in handy in an outdoor or indoor space.

An additional, longer top can be used with two bases to create a 3-seater bench or an elongated coffee table, following the exact same flipping system of the stool.

The combination of materials like maple wood for the tops and painted steel bases available in a variety of pastel colors, allows the square stool to be used either inside a house or out in the garden.
The stool was featured at Design Days Dubaï for its 2016 edition as part of the Squad Design stand.

Featured by Wallpaper* magazine.



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