A bar-cart designed for Joy Mardini Design Gallery.

Many believe the original bar carts started being used for alcohol around the end of the Prohibition, then really picked up steam in the 1950’s when hosting
was an art and cocktail hour was a daily occurrence.

Simple yet bold, our first collaboration with Joy Mardini Design Gallery had to bring something different to the table.

From cars, fashion and style, we looked at different kinds of inspiration for the aesthetics of this project and the 20’s had alot to offer.
Nonetheless, the functional part had to still be in check.

Our object had to live in the space it is being held in, it is not there to look pretty, it has to get down and dirty in order to get the job done.

The Highliner cart was made to roam around easily. It can be rotated all around it’s own axis and has a very easy handling.
All upper parts in perforated steel can be removed and cleaned with the help of magnets which keep them steady when fixed, this helps ensure a longer lifeline for the materials used as well as a permanent neat look.

Walnut wood, French oak wood, steel, and a touch of brass were used to keep the spirit of the 1920’s visible, and then a touch of color which can be fully
customized was added on the bigger wheels to create a modern twist to the cart.

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